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Indian Head Massage

Everyone's favourite part of a massage is head,neck and shoulders so think of having just your neck, scalp and face focused on for the whole treatment. Lets take a little look into Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage.

What exactly is it?

Indian Head Massage is applied to the head, neck and upper back, while the client is seated. The treatment is done over the clothes, although some access to the shoulders (if the client wore a tank top for example) will allow a little more focus to that area. The therapist uses pressure points and specific kneading techniques to get into all the tight spots along the way. Some treatments will include the use of warmed up oil (coconut or Kissim) for the added benefits it can bring to the hair, face and skin.

Whats the goal?

The prime use for IHM is stress relief and increased relaxation. The techniques used during IHM are designed to relieve stress related muscle tension (especially for all those working a desk job with forward head posture), targeting all those pesky headaches and migraines. Think off all the stress and tension you hold in your head, shoulder and jaw! IHM is also a boost for your well being -- focusing on anxiety and mild depression. By increasing the blood circulation and happy endorphin's of the brain, it promotes total relaxation all while revitalizing and re balancing the energy flow of the body.

Indian Head Massage can be performed in 30 or 45 minutes, without oil (unless specifically asked for ). So what are you waiting for, try one today!

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