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Proprioceptive Taping (known as Kinesiotaping) is designed to mimic human skin - roughly the same thickness and has the same elastic properties of our body’s outer layer. In 1979, Japanese chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase developed the Kinesio Taping Method. By carefully applying proprioceptive tape to muscles, muscle strength has been shown to increase --therefore it can be a great addition to a work out if you are finding you aren't getting the correct firing from target muscles.

The tape can be left on for up to 72 hours (generally 24-48hrs is ideal) and you tend to get the best results 24 hours after the tape comes off. You can shower with the tape on, once it starts to peel off or lose the adhesive properties you can take it off. Bilateral testing of muscles are done to check for weakness and range and then tape is applied to support the affected muscle(s).

The Benefits include:

Postural Awareness/Correction

Enhanced Muscle Function

Providing Structural Support

Reduced Swelling and Lymphatic Flow

Reduced Pain

Improved Range of Motion

Enhanced Recovery

Skin should be dry and free from oils so we can use a hot towel post massage to get the oil off to ensure the tape will stick. It can be added to any service!

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