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Infant, Kids and Teens!

I've gotten a lot of questions lately asking if kids and teens can get treatment as well. The answer to that is absolutely! I've worked with and have experience treating infants, children and teenagers ranging from 3-6 months and up to 18 years of age - the anatomy is the same, just in smaller forms!

Infant massage can be a great way to boost bonding with an infant or can be added into the bath routine that you already have. It is advised to use an edible oil (olive, grape seed) or use a baby safe cream. Massage can help sooth a crying baby, aid in digestion (especially any gas pains) as well as helping to cycle day and night. Infant massage is used as a tool to teach the parent(s) a routine to use to incorporate into the day to day - so you will be present and welcome to try the techniques being shown.

Kids are all so very different (whether you have a shy little one or a chatter box) we can find techniques that work best for them. Massage can help work through growing pains or add some relaxation to a hectic schedule.

A lot happens in the teenage years. Whether its sports injuries, puberty pains, massage can be a great addition. Sports massage focus is used as both preventative and maintenance practice. Teenagers are very much young adults and therefore you can expect the massage treatments to be very similar to that of an adult. Unplugging from life for a small amount of time and easing stress can be a great benefit.

It is important to work as a team with each family to create a plan that fits your needs, builds trust and helps achieve any goals that have been set. Please keep in mind that all clients are asked to undress to THEIR comfort level. You can leave all of your clothes on while I move you through stretching sequences and bodywork through the sheets, undress to different levels or completely. Feel safe in knowing that only the body part being worked on is required to be uncovered, everything else will remain covered. If you would be more comfortable having a parent in the treatment room, that is not a problem at all (I've also done treatments with an open door while parents are in the waiting area). While this is not required, you are more that welcome to implement either. The client's comfort is very important and can be accommodated at every level, with no questions asked so feel free to voice any questions or concerns to the therapist.

I recommend 30 minutes for infant massage. Starting with 30 and moving to 45 with kids (if necessary.) Depending on the goals teenagers can range from 30 - 60. The treatments do not require you to book under infant, kid or teenager so feel free to make a note in the bookings if you'd prefer to book any amount of time. Clients 16 and under do require consent and a signature from the Guardian.

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